Harriet Bushman Harriet Petherick Bushman, a Londoner, started composing at St Paul’s Girls’ School under John Gardner. After training at the Royal Academy of Music and in Italy and Switzerland, she toured as a solo pianist and chamber musician mainly in the Middle East where she and her husband lived for ten years. On return to England she scored documentary music for BBC and Channel 4 TV, accompanied and wrote for choirs and composed, with lyricist Marita Phillips, her first musical. On return to Kuwait in 2006, collaboration with Alison Shan Price and a talented youth theatre group gave rise to more musicals and songs and incidental music for Shakespeare plays.


  • Now Behold, (1987) Cantata for 16 voices and keyboard instruments (mp3). A Barlow Foundation grant. First performed 1987 as part of the City of London Festival at St Mary-at-Hill Church. Conductor: Peter Lea-Cox with the Lecosaldi Singers.
  • Pomes Penyeach (1987) A Song Cycle on the cycle of 13 poems by James Joyce First performed 1987 as part of the City of London Festival at St Mary-at-Hill Church. Mezzo-Soprano: Susan Parry
  • Piano Suite in 4 movements (1993/4) (mp3) First performed in 1994 as part of the Riyadh Concert season. Recorded at Guildford University.
  • Hymns for the Soul, (2001); a CD and Songbook(mp3) Recorded with Excel Entertainment SLC, Utah. Singers: Fiona Smith and Alex Boye.
  • 5 Christmas Carols (1998 – 2004) (mp3) and songbook Written for the Hyde Park Stake Choir, London, and performed each Christmas.
  • The Dream Dealer (2002) Musical for children 11-13 yrs (mp3, dvd and dedicated website) Written for Devonshire House School, London. Won Sell-Out award at the Edinburgh Festival, 2006. Performed UK, Japan, Australia, Middle East.
  • Nunc Dimittis (2003) (mp3) Commissioned for the Memorial of Isobel Radnor. Performed in Cathedrals of Salisbury, St Albans, and churches in UK.
  • The Invisible Monkey (London 2003/4), Musical Collaboration with writer David Crook. Winter run at the New End Theatre, London. Reviews. Song sample.
    Song sample of Invisible Monkey
  • Discoveries; Song Cycle on Mormon Women’s Poetry (2004) (mp3 and dvd) Cycle of Art Songs.
  • Crom Lake (2005) concert piece for Organ Commissioned by international concert organist, Robert Munns. Performed USA, Europe, UK.
  • 1856 Long Walk Home: A Concert Opera (2006), (mp3 and dvd) To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Willie and Martin Handcart Company. A Barlow Foundation grant. Performances in the tabernacles of Logan, Provo, Salt Lake City and in Caspar, Wy.
  • The Rhythm Method (2006) Musical (mp3) Collaboration with writer David Crook. Showcase in the Leicester Square theatre, London.
  • The Little Prince (2007) Musical (dvd) First collaboration with Alison Shan Price and Cast, Kuwait. Performance run, 2007
  • Othello (2008/9) songs and incidental music (mp3) Collaboration with British Academy of International Arts. (BAIA) Performance run, 2008/9
  • Gideon (2009/10) a Jazz Oratorio for choir, soloists and jazz band (mp3 and dvd) Commissioned by the Ahmadi Music Group, Kuwait. Performance run, 2010
  • Buzz: The Story of Glorybee (2010/11) Musical (preview here and dedicated website) Collaboration with writer Marita Phillips. Performance run, Kuwait June 2011; also performed as part of Start UK initiative Kew Gardens, August 2011. For Bayt Abdullah opening December 2011.
  • The Winter’s Tale (2011) songs and incidental music
  • Work in progress:  Sing Me to Sleep musical for High School
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